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Please give me just three minutes of your valuable time, it will be well worth it to you. Have you ever wished you had someone HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE and INEXSPENSIVE on your team who was an expert in MOLD REMEDIATION?

Now you can feel comfortable in any “Toxic Black Mold” situation you run across. I am a owner-operator run business, who handles every facet of your project myself. I am very well educated on all the latest methods and applications concerning Mold. I have several credentials from the leading learning institutions in our industry such as U.C. Berkeley, Indoor Air Quality Assoc. and Environmental Microbiology Labs to name a few.

We offer everything from Mold Assessments to Air Quality Sampling. Our Remediation projects are accompanied by clearance certificates that tell your client that their home has been returned to a safe and healthy environment. It will also ensure it’s ready for them to feel secure about the home they need to trust in order for them to be comfortable. Whats most important, is that I personally guarantee every project for three years.

We offer free estimates as well as complete written reports as to the condition of the project we are assessing. I have been in the industry for 15 years and upon request I would be happy to provide you with references from previous customers as well as companies who have been referring me for years.

All of my business is word of mouth referrals from happy customers. The best advertisement possible. You have my promise to treat your clients with professionalism, integrity and at a reasonable price.

Now you have a responsible well educated company that you can count on as a member of your valuable team. All I need is an opportunity and you will agree. Please call Patrick @ 888-575-MOLD (6653).


Patrick Scannell, CMR

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Patrick Scannell, CMR #01092
Certified Mold Remediator

Home Inspectors

Please give me three minutes of your time. I am an independent owner-operator in the Mold Remediation industry, which means I am hands on. I do the initial assessment with the client, I do the remediation project and I do any follow-up that is required.

I am a complete package as far as training, services provided and professionalism. We offer mold remediation and testing as well as re-construction, if needed. I have received credentials from the following leaders in our industry:

- U.C. Berkeley – MOLD: Inspection, Assessment and Control
- Indoor Air Quality Association – Solving Indoor Air Quality Problems
- Environmental Microbiology Labs – Testing and Data Interpretation

It is our hope that you will find an additional source of income by using our company as a referral for your customers who need a seasoned veteran in the mold industry. We will provide referrals upon request from previous satisfied customers as well as companies who refer us on their mold projects.

We are one of the only mold remediation companies in the Bay Area that is owner-operated as well as offering a three year written guarantee to customers upon competition of each project. We are not done with a project until our customer is 100% satisfied with our work. Every one of our jobs is a referral; therefore referrals are very, very important to us. We will treat your customers with professionalism, integrity and respect.

We hope you will give our company just one opportunity, which is all you will need to assure you of our complete care for your customer. Please call Patrick at 888-575-MOLD(6653) to set up your first appointment.

Thank-you in advance for the opportunity to serve your customers mold remediation needs.


Patrick Scannell, CMR           

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