Our Company values the safety and satisfaction of all our clients. One of the greatest measures
of quality work comes from our client testimonials.
A good portion of our new relationships derive from referrals from existing client relationships.
We view our work as an opportunity to provite the highest quality service for your health and home in the industry and making a lasting impression in all of our partnerships. We guarantee and we care.
Here are just a few samples from satisfied clients we worked with in the last few years.

April 14, 2010
Kate Gilmore 2719 Cowell Rd Concord Ca, 94518
Re: Emergency Sewage clean up at 2719 Cowell Rd done by Greater Bay Area Mold Rem.

Dear Mr. Michael,  I wanted to take a moment and once again thank you for all of your time and diligence you dedicated to the sewage problem at my home.  I would also like to share with you how exquisite the clean up crew with Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation was.  Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation was recommended to me by a Dave from Reddi Rooter Plumbing to check out the extent of my plumbing issue. I was assured Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation was a reputable, locally owned business that could handle the job. Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation was called out to my home on April 6, 2010 to examine the extent of the sewage clean up and eventually gave an estimate for the job. The owner Mr. Pat Scannell was the gentlemen who came out to check out the problem.  From the moment I met Mr. Scannell I felt right at ease. Mr. Scannell could tell I was a bit frazzled with the situation and he immediately reassured me everything was going to be okay.   After looking over the entire contaminated area, Mr. Scannell started to educate me about what he felt might be the problem, the extent of the problem, and how he was going to clean up the area.  I had a million questions and Mr. Scannell answered each of my questions was confidence and patience.  His professional demeanor coupled with a sense of calmness helped me feel Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation  was the right man was on the job! 

On April 9, 2010 Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation started the clean up in my back yard.  They arrived a half hour early to get all set up, get the contaminated area pretreated and prepped.  It impressed me how impeccable he was with securing the area, clean up the entire contaminated area but also the surrounding area that might have been affected by the problem. I was amazed at how much he went above and beyond to make sure the job was done properly. He knew that cutting the corners could harm my health and those around me.    
Thought out the day, Reddi Rooter Plumbing and Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation were in constant communication as to the progress of the clean up and a coordination of their combined efforts to get the job done.  By the end of the day, my backyard was cleaned up and the plumbing issue was resolved.   Reddi Rooter Plumbing and Greater Bay area Mold Remediation were able to get me and my dog Duke back into our home a day earlier then projected. 
I was beyond elated!!  Mr. Scannell came out the next morning (A Saturday) to finish up the last bit of cleaning treatment to the soil.  They did an amazing job.

If there is ever a situation when you want to hire the right companies to do sewage clean up/ plumbing job, I recommend the City of Concord call on Reddi Rooter Plumbing and Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation.  Their companies showed great professionalism, great communication and completed the job earlier then anticipated. Reddi Rooter Plumbing and Greater Bay Area Mold Remediation were impressive. Thank you again for all your time and efforts.

Best Wishes,   

Kate Gilmore  

Joe Chen, Homeowner Brentwood
Dear Patrick,

I’m taking the time to write this letter of referral because I was very impressed by your company’s quality, service professionalism and price. You’re truly a top professional at your trade. Different from other company, you are working on the job site and make sure everything is done correctly and thoroughly. I am very satisfied with the quality of the work you have done on my house, especially when it comes to change order, you charged reasonably for the extra work.

I highly recommend you and your hard working crew to anyone who needs the service.


Joe Chen
The home owner


Wes Olson, The Olson Team, Keller Williams 2009

"several times over the last year we have run into mold issues.
Twice now  we have hade entire houses infested with mold. Honestly, i had my doubts after seeing how bad these houses were as to whether or not we should represent the purchasing or selling of these homes. Patrick, i was blown away by your company's efficiency.
If there's ever antone who needs your service, i wouldn't hesitate to recommend you an your fantastic crew of "MOLD WARRIORS"
When it comes to mold issues, you folks are definitly the very best in the business."

Wes Olson, The Olson Team, Keller Williams 2008

" i m happy to have your company as a part of the " The Olson Team"
Patrick, thank you for putting my clients at ease and personally guaranteeing your work,
it makes a big difference in todays real estate market.
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